Subway Surfers: Summary of high score game tips

If you are a crazy fan of endless runner games, you can't ignore Subway Surfers, which is also the type of game that runs non-stop on dangerous roads like other endless runner games.

Subway Surfers: Summary of high score game tips

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If you are a crazy fan of endless runner games you can't ignore Subway Surfers, which is also the type of game that runs non-stop on dangerous roads like other endless runner games.

It is one of the most played mobile games today. Partly because the game brings an extremely interesting experience for players from the design of the funny character to the fun gameplay and sound. Possessing sharp 3D graphics, the characters in the game have the appearance as well as the 'stunner' costumes that make you play, you can't take your eyes off.

Joining Subway Surfers , you will transform into naughty kids named Jake, Tricky and Fresh who specialize in graffiti on trains, and are chased by the station guard. Like many other endless runner games , Subway Surfers has quite simple controls like swiping up and down, back and forth to avoid obstacles. It is not difficult to create difficulty from the controls, but it is not easy to get a high score when playing the game.

Any game that struggles to get a high score also needs tips shared by veteran players and here are a few tips to guide players to achieve high scores in the game.

1. Please 'Save me' if there is a lock

If you get the key, quickly press the 'Save me' button when caught by the guard, so you will save the time of your capture and can continue playing. The number of keys needed for this is time-dependent and will be increased by an exponent of 2.

2. Swipe down to land faster when jumping

When running at high speed, jumping between carriages or changing lanes, players may encounter obstacles that appear very close to them, unpredictably. So swipe down while in the air to land as quickly as possible, this will help you regain control of the character.

Because when in the air fully control the character is more difficult than when on the ground. With a fast speed when running, it is difficult for players to handle situations in the air, this tip will help limit those risks.

3. Don't miss rockets and magnets

Make the most of what supports you on the run. Do not ignore rockets, because when using rockets your speed will be significantly increased and when flying there is no danger that can threaten you. Also don't forget to get the gold magnet, the magnet helps you get all the coins located in all lanes, so use the magnet to get as much money as possible.

4. Eat a lot

Stars will help you multiply your score by x2, x3, x4... x30 respectively. Try to imagine how high your score will be at x30. And multiplying to 30 is the highest free multiplier in the game.

5. The spear runs on the roof of the train

Under the train, there are countless dangers that are always lurking. On the roof of the ship those dangers will have less chance of affecting you. But be careful and choose to jump on the roof of the train so that it is reasonable.

6. Dancing a lot

When being chased by the guard, if you don't change your speed but just run at the normal speed available in the game, then the risk of getting caught is very high. Try to jump and fly long distances to keep a safe distance from the security guard chasing behind. You can still get coins in the process so you don't need to worry.

7. Buy green energy and buy blue stars

When you have a lot of points, don't forget to visit the shop to buy yourself effective points-increasing items. Buy blue star or green energy pot to be able to x35 times the normal bonus points. Multiplying this point will of course help to increase the score very quickly.

8. Buy a speed skateboard

When there are many coins, equip yourself with a super speed skateboard immediately, not only speeding up your character, but also helping you to escape death in a few dangerous situations. Using the skateboard with x35 times, the score increases dramatically.


Above are some tips to help you get high scores when experiencing Subway Surfers game . When you apply these tips, your score in the game will definitely increase significantly compared to before. If you have any other personal tips to increase your score, please share them with the community.

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